Railway displays in LED RGB, LCD TFT, E-paper technology

Raise the quality of public transportation with DYSTEN

Guide passengers through the station, designate boarding locations and announce arrivals and departures. DYSTEN offers complete wide range of real time passenger information displays provide instant information from enetring the station to boarding the train / metro.


DYSTEN – a polish manufacturer, a polish capital, highly appreciated polish technic solution all over the global markets. An extensive experience built since 1999 enables to meet the demands of individual customers and face the most challenging projects.


DYSTEN offers railway displays with custom shapes and sizes while using reliable components. DYSTEN follows the PID project from beginning to end, from the analysis of the product feasibility, concept and custom design, until the creation of a prototype and then the production.

IRIS Certification

As a manufacturer of passenger information displays DYSTEN ensures the highest quality norms based on the advanced quality control system for which the company has been granted an IRIS Certification


DYSTEN has a technical support and service team available to cover client needs in every phase, technicians can assist you during installation, set-up, repairs and maintenance efficiently and quickly.

Wyświetlacz informacji pasażerskiej dworcowy przyjazdy z zegarem

Main station display LCD TFT

LED displaydepartures arrivals LED railway

Main station display LED RGB

WZS 55 timetable display

Timetable station display LCD TFT

platform display tablica peronowa

Platform display LCD TFT

LED departures board

Platform display LED RGB

Platform entrance display LCD TFT

TIP Tablica Informacyjna Odjazdy Przyjazdy wolnostojąca

Customer Information Screens

low power LCD energy saving display


E-papier passenger information display system dynamicznej informacji pasażerskiej dla kolei



DYSTEN produces displays for the Passenger Information Display System in LED, LCD TFT, and e-paper technologies.
LED rail passenger information display system dynamicznej informacji pasażerskiej dla kolei

LED technology

LED displays are the best choice among passenger information displays due to the highest brightness (1500-5000 nit), the longest service life (15 years) and energy efficiency. LED RGB (full colour) devices provide complete freedom to display content – any color, size and type font and format of the timetable.

Platform display LCD TFT

LCD TFT technology

High-resolution matrix display graphics, animations and videos in color. Brightness: 500-3000 nit, service life: 5 years. A wide range of monitors with different brightness, can fit solution for outdoor or indoor installation.

E-papier passenger information display system dynamicznej informacji pasażerskiej dla kolei

E-paper technology

E-paper displays are featured by extremely low power consumption. Electricity is used mainly for changing content. It can display dynamically information on current arrivals and departures, warnings and any other content 24/7.








Years of work


News, information about products, technologies, trends, successful stories, best practices and advices for integrators, customers and partners

Delivery and integration of PIDS devices at Warsow Main Station

Dysten Sp. z o. o. has shown reliability and professionalism confirmed by extensive knowledge and experience. The contract was performed in accordance with the deadlines, and the delivered devices were made with the highest diligence and quality. Therefore, we recommend Dysten Sp. z o. o. as solid, credible and very well prepared for cooperation in the delivery, installation and commissioning of dynamic passenger information displays. Experienced staff as well as technical and organizational potential guarantee a high level of mutual cooperation.


one of the largest companies operating in the construction of railway, tram and road infrastructure in Poland

TELESTE is very content with DYSTEN’s reaction times

We are very pleased with cooperation, the quality of products, the overall project management and logistics provided by DYSTEN. We are also very content with DYSTEN’s reaction times when facing challenges throughout the manufacturing, product preparation, roll-out and maintenance phases.

TELESTE Systems GmbH, Hannover

Cooperation on PIDS projects in Poland

Passenger information boards were technologically made in accordance with the Terms of Reference, while maintaining the highest quality and technological standards. All works were performed on time. The company DYSTEN Sp. z o.o. is a reliable partner, and the products offered are of very high quality and technologically advanced.

GMV Innovating Solutions Sp. z o.o., Warsaw

Long-term cooperation on many projects in Poland

WASKO S.A. recommends DYSTEN as a credible and reliable business partner. The company performs work with due diligence.


Project - production of LED displays for stations in Tarnowskie Gory

The equipment installed represents high-end quality and reliability, and the DYSTEN employees who implemented the system demonstrated exceptional professional skills

Henryk Szudy

Board Chairman of the Inter-Communal Association of Passenger Transportation

Project of 101 LCD TFT displays for the Warsaw Rail with SOS panels

Electronic boards supplied by DYSTEN are characterized by high quality and trouble-free operation.

Comp S.A., Poland

Project: Production of LED displays for the railway station in Kwidzyń

DYSTEN company is a good, reliable partner, and the offered products are high quality and advanced technologically.

Piotr Halagiera, Poland

Mayor of the Kwidzyń City

Project for National Railway Stations in Żagań, Chojnów, Pruszków and Jawor

DYSTEN has completed all project tasks following the order. It has maintained the highest quality standards. DYSTEN team have demonstrated professionalism and high elastic. All works were completed on time and in accordance with the subject of the order.

Inet Plus Ltd, Poland

Complete information

Provide passengers with complete and clear information about current departures, arrivals and connecting options.

Useful for passengers

Help the passengers find their current location and help them head in the right direction.

Increases security

Increase the safety of passengers.

DYSTEN innovative solutions improve the quality of public transportation and support traffic engineering.

Thanks DYSTEN solutions you can make the most of your passengers travel time through current news, information and advertising.

The technologies offered by DYSTEN contribute to the development of safe, efficient and environmentally friendly transportation.

customized railway displays


Ready to see how DYSTEN can provide the tailored solutions for your industry? Ask about a Passenger Information Display System for railways.


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