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Electronic boards for transport interchange in Podjuchy

The DYSTEN company will provide the dynamic passenger information boards for the transport interchange, which is being built at the railway station in Podjuchy. The main goal of building a transport hub is to improve communication between the various means of transport.

The company will construct the bus stop electronic signs as part of the project “Construction of a transport interchange at the Podjuchy station with devices related to the integration of transport on the 273 railway line” as part of the project “Construction of the Szczecin Metropolitan Railway using the existing sections of railway lines No. 406, 273, 351”.

The construction of the bus terminus with a parking space and accompanying architecture, at the Podjuchy station, is an element of the project implemented by the Szczecin Metropolitan Area Association related to the construction of the Szczecin Metropolitan Railway, which will constitute the public transport axis in the functional area of ​​the city of Szczecin.