Railway Real-Time Passenger Information System

Railway Real-Time Passenger Information Display System by Dysten

Real-time Passenger Information System

The Dynamic Passenger Information System processes data on the plan and execution of train traffic in order to present passengers real-time information. The PIS system consists of visual and voice information systems, time signaling devices, and train movement sensors. The final result may be seen at the stations of state and commuter railways. Devices provide passengers with information regarding arrivals, departures, and delays at any point across the railway station. High-readability LED RGB and high-resolution LCD TFT displays will meet the communication requirements in railway contexts in a clear and fast way, improving the quality of service supplied to passengers. High-quality public address system able to provide passengers with key information or ensuring their safety by alerting the coming of fast-moving trains.

Scheme of Infrastructure of the dynamic Passenger Information System for railways

The rail real-time passenger information system scheme of Infrastructure

Scheme of Infrastructure of the real-time passenger information system for railways

Manufacturer of Real-time Passenger Information System devices

DYSTEN manufactures and provides devices of the visual information system, voice information system, time signaling system, or train movement sensors depending on the demands of the customer.

IRIS certification Passenger Information System


The IRIS certification mark confirms that DYSTEN products meet the stringent quality requirements of the international railway industry for activities in the area of Passenger Information Systems.

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ISO 9001 dysten tuv nord for the design, production and installation service of passenger information (SDIP) and audiovisual systems.


DYSTEN applies a management system in accordance with the ISO 9001 standard for the design, production and installation service of passenger information (SDIP) and audiovisual systems.

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Devices manufactured by DYSTEN comply with the Technical Specifications for Interoperability (TSIs) relating to the accessibility of the EU rail system for people with disabilities and people with reduced mobility.

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Visual and acoustic passenger information

The basic task of the devices in the real-time passenger information system for railways is to provide passengers with visual and voice information about the current implementation of the train timetable, including the presentation of deviations from the timetable and other information related to railway traffic and the services of railway carriers.

The PIS system is composed of:

  • Visual information system
  • Voice information system (public address system)

Depending on the size of the facility and its function, the station can be equipped with various passenger information system devices.

wyświetlacz krawędziowy peronowy WKR IPI6

Next train platform displays

Intended to present information about trains making stops provided for in the timetable as departing, arriving, or terminating trains move on the track adjacent to the edge of the platform at which they were installed.

See the next train indicator display

LCD TFT technology

LED RGB technology

Wyświetlacz Główny Stacyjny informacji pasażerskiej dworcowy przyjazdy z zegarem

Main arrivals / departures boards

They inform about the current implementation of the timetable, i.e. train arrival and departure times, numbers, commercial categories, line numbers and names of trains, destination stations, major intermediate stations, platform numbers, carriers and possible delays. They are installed in checkout halls, waiting rooms, etc. in places.

See the railway station timetable display – Main Board

LCD TFT technology

LED RGB technology

wyświetlacz peronowy wejściowy wpw

Next trains platform entrance displays

They present information about the nearest train(s) departing, arriving, or finishing the route from a given track or tracks adjacent to the platform. They are installed at the entrances to the platform, which can be accessed by passages under the tracks or covered pedestrian footbridges.

See the next trains platform entrance display

wyświetlacze zbiorcze stacyjne SDIP dla kolei system dynamicznej informacji pasażerskiej

Arrivals / departures boards

The railway station schedule displays have the same application as the main station boards. However, they are smaller and display fewer rows. They are installed in passages under the tracks, station communication routes, and at railway stations and passenger stops.

See the arrivals / departures screens

WWO wyświetlacz wielofunkcyjny infokiosk

Info Kiosk with train timetable

They present information about the nearest trains leaving the station. They also make it possible to change the presented content to information about the upcoming train arrivals or messages about periodic difficulties in train traffic. Infokiosk-style multifunctional displays are placed on platforms, in front of entrances to passages under the tracks, and in front of entrances to footbridges, among other places.

See the Info kiosk product

Train motion sensor

They are used to detect the presence of trains moving on the track at the edge of the platform where they are installed. Not fewer than two train motion sensors (an entry sensor and an exit sensor) are installed on each active platform edge of the station or passenger stop.

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Public Address System

A set of devices used to emit voice messages for travelers. The system is equipped with elements such as a public address system controller / audio decoder, audio amplifiers, loudspeakers, ambient noise level sensors, and local microphone desks.

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Product catalog

Product catalog of RTPI devices for Railways – state and suburban.

Customer testimonials

Referencje dla DYSTEN za urządzenia sdip zintegrowane z CASDIP PKP PLK od TRAKCJA S.A.

TRAKCJA S.A. – one of the largest companies operating in the rail, tram and road infrastructure construction sector in Poland.

“When implementing the agreement, Dysten Sp. z o.o. has demonstrated reliability and professionalism certified by its vast knowledge and experience. The agreement was performed on time, and the equipment supplied was made with the utmost care and quality. We therefore recommend Dysten Sp. z o.o. as a reliable and trustworthy company which is very well prepared to cooperate in the supply, installation and commissioning of dynamic passenger information displays. Experienced staff and technical and organisational capabilities guarantee a high level of cooperation.” Reference excerpt, TRAKCJA S.A. Warsaw, 27 February 2023

Supply, installation and commissioning of the Real-Time Passenger Information System at the Warszawa Główna Osobowa PKP PLK Station – 76 devices.

teleste and dysten

TELESTE – a major worldwide corporation in broadband, security, and information technology

“We are very pleased with the long-term cooperation, the quality of products, the overall project management and logistics provided by DYSTEN. We are also very content with DYSTEN’s reaction times when facing challenges throughout the manufacturing, product preparation, roll-out and maintenance phases.” Reference excerpt, TELESTE Systems Gmbh, Hannover, 9 February 2023.

Design, manufacture and delivery of 755 displays for passenger information systems in LED technology by the end of 2022.

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Cooperation in the implementation of PIS railway projects with Dysten

DYSTEN searching for partners in international market. The supplier of the real-time passenger information system devices collaborates with information technologies firms, IT Systems companies, software developers, subcontractors, designers, and integrators.

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