Displays with the timetable at the station in Imbramowice

The Dysten company delivered collective station displays to another railway station in the Lower Silesia Province. The railway station in Imbramowice has been modernized by Polskie Koleje Państwowe S.A. as part of the railway station investment program for 2016-2023. According to the PKP classification, the station in Imbramowice has the category of a local station, used by people who regularly commute to larger cities. For stations of this type, PKP SA has planned the installation of two stationary displays with the timetable – an electronic board presenting train departures and another displaying train arrivals in real time.

Displays with the timetables – WZS55Z Departures / Arrivals with a brightness of 3000 nits with a built-in analog clock were installed in the main hall of the station. The company also supplied and launched a public address passenger information system.

The above devices have been designed in accordance with the guidelines on the executive elements of the Central System of Dynamic Passenger Information and the accompanying infrastructure IPI-6.

In the Lower Silesia Voivodeship, the Railway Station Investments Program envisages 17 modernization of stations and railway stations by 2021.DYSTEN was selected as a subcontractor for the dynamic passenger information system for most of these investments.