Train arrival / departure display at the Wałbrzych Główny railway station

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The historic Wałbrzych Główny railway station has been completely renovated

The reconstruction of the historic railway station in Wałbrzych has been completed. Now the place is comfortable, functional, and friendly to travelers and the environment. The station has been renovated with attention to the smallest historical details. The final effect can be seen in a short video material published by Dziennik Wałbrzych.

The modernization of the station was carried out as part of the Railway Station Investments Program for 2016-2023 with co-financing from EU funds from the Infrastructure and Environment Operational Program. The Railway Station Investments Program is the largest railway station modernization program in the history of PKP. Within its framework, nearly PLN 2 billion will be allocated to nearly 200 stations by 2023.

Rail is currently the most environmentally friendly mode of transport. That is why the European Union, as part of the European Green Deal, is investing heavily in the development of railways. Greater availability of rail, convenient and quick transfers and modern infrastructure to encourage travelers to choose the train.

Train arrival / departure display

The railway station in Wałbrzych Główny, in the Lower Silesia region, according to the PKP classification, has the category of a voivodeship railway station. Railway stations in this category with an average daily number of stops greater than or equal to 20 and with a public area greater than or equal to 100 m2 – are equipped with the main station train arrival / departure display.

The Main Station Departures / Arrivals display informs about the current implementation of timetables, i.e. the times of train arrivals and departures, line numbers, train names, destination stations, the most important intermediate stations, platform numbers, carriers and possible delays.

At the train station in Wałbrzych Główny, a one-sided display was used, which consists of three connected LCD TFT 46 ‘monitors with a built-in analog clock.


Scope of work:

  • production of two main station departure / arrival displays WGS3X1.46 Z
  • installation and commissioning of displays
  • launching the passenger information system
  • visual passenger information system
  • software integration of devices with CSDIP
  • automatic voice announcement system
  • audio controller, microphone console, amplifier and accessories
  • integration with the sound system on the