Renovation of the railway station in Bolesławiec

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PKP S.A. is currently carrying out the largest investment in its history – the Railway Station Investments Program for 2016-2023. Another completed project is the reconstruction of the historic railway station in Bolesławiec, which has just been completed. The modernization cost was almost PLN 20 million, and the works lasted two years. A presentation of the renovated railway station in Bolesławiec and a short report from its official opening can be found in the material provided by Telewizja Bolesławiec.

Source: Telewizja Bolesławiec – YouTube channel

Renovation of the Bolesławiec railway station

Bolesławiec is located next to one of the most important railway lines in Europe, the E-30, which connects Germany, Poland and Ukraine. The railway station in Bolesławiec is one of the oldest stations managed by PKP S.A., its origins date back to 1845. The present character of the buildings and the shape of the station date back to 1926. At that time, the building underwent extensive reconstruction, thanks to which it acquired a modernist character.

The railway station in Bolesławiec is a historic building, therefore its renovation was carried out under the supervision of the conservator of monuments. The building has been completely renovated, but at the same time retained its former character. During the renovation, modern solutions were taken into account, meeting the needs of travelers as well as security and energy saving systems.

The facility has been adapted to the needs of disabled people, including the blind and visually impaired. Among other things, Braille plates and multisensory plates with a map of the station were used.

New electronic boards informing about train arrivals and departures have been installed in the hall. The facade with its characteristic architectural details was renovated. The interior of the waiting room combines modernity with historical elements. The tiles adorning the main hall and corridor, as well as other ceramic details, have undergone conservation. The passenger service zone is connected to the commercial space, where service points are to be located.

After renovation, the railway station in Bolesławiec is safe and more ecological. Energy-saving LED lighting with control automatics and solutions reducing heat loss were used. The facility has systems for monitoring the operation of installations and devices in order to optimize the consumption of electricity, heat and water. The building of the station in Bolesławiec is monitored and air-conditioned.

The changes are also visible in the immediate vicinity of the station. Near the building, elements of small architecture were installed. Travelers can use the benches, bicycle shelter and bicycle parking lot.

Main Station Display and Info kiosk at the railway station in Bolesławiec

As part of cooperation with PKP PLK S.A. DYSTEN has delivered and installed passenger information system devices in the building of the railway station in Bolesławiec.

DYSTEN provided:

The devices comply with the guidelines on the executive elements of the Central System of Dynamic Passenger Information and the accompanying infrastructure IPI-6.

The Main Station Display, made in TFT LCD technology, presents information about all necessary travel parameters, such as train arrivals/departures, platform numbers, destination, intermediate stops, possible delays, train type and number. Installed in the central point of the station, it is the most important source of information for travelers.

The info kiosk allows you to present to travelers detailed and relational timetables – current and future. Built-in interactive buttons make it possible to scroll the train timetable according to the assigned functions. The Info kiosk can operate continuously 24 hours a day. The casing of the info kiosk provides a high level of protection against dust, external contamination and vandalism.

As part of the concluded contract, DYSTEN also completed the following tasks:

  • Installation and commissioning of displays,
  • Passenger Information System start-up,
  • Visual passenger information system – software for devices for CSDIP,
  • Provision of audio devices: broadcast system controller, microphone panel, audio amplifiers, speakers and accessories,
  • Passenger visual information server.