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Railway Station in Olesno

The building of the railway station at the Olesno Śląskie has undergone a comprehensive modernization respecting its historical character. The tasks of the DYSTEN company were to provide the executive elements of the Passenger Information System for railways, the purpose of which is to provide travelers with full, up-to-date and automated passenger information.

As part of the project, DYSTEN equipped passenger service areas with electronic train arrival and departure boards. A voice information system has also been installed at the station – automatic SAZ voice announcements.

The reconstruction of the railway station in Olesno is an investment carried out as part of the Railway Station Investments Program for 2016-2023, which includes the reconstruction and construction of almost 200 stations throughout Poland.

Passenger Information System for railways at the station in Olesno

As part of the Visual Information System, DYSTEN has installed Station Collective Displays Arrivals / Departures with a built-in analog clock. Electronic passenger information boards have been designed to work in a continuous mode, they are used to present the current timetable of trains from the Olesno station. Displays have been tilted downwards by 15 ° to improve the readability of information for travelers.

Within the Broadcast System, passenger voice information devices were installed, including an audio controller, amplifiers, loudspeakers and a local microphone panel. Internal and external speakers cover the entire usable zone of the passenger, thus increasing the comfort of planning and the course of the trip.

The Passenger Information System for railways at the station in Olesno has been integrated with the Central Application of the Dynamic Passenger Information System of PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe S.A.


Photos: FotoDedyk