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informacja pasażerska na stacji pkp plk warszawa główna osobowa

Up-to-date, accessible, comprehensive and useful passenger information at the Warsaw station

Dysten delivered the PKP PLK Dynamic Passenger Information System to the Warszawa Główna Osobowa station. Passengers are served by 76 devices that meet all the technical and functional requirements of executive elements of the Central PIDS of PKP PLK. At passenger stations, complete and up-to-date information on train timetables is required. Therefore, the passenger information screens presents the routes, directions and times of the nearest train departures, in accordance with the changes corrected on an ongoing basis by the Central Application of the Dynamic Passenger Information System or the dispatcher.

The Customer Information System at the Warsaw Główna Osobowa station maintained the continuity of communication with travelers – from entering the footbridge to boarding the train. Information screens and Info kiosks installed in front of the pedestrian footbridge allow passengers to plan or verify their journey. Platform entrance displays installed in the roofed part of the footbridge inform travelers about the nearest train leaving a given track. On the other hand, edge displays located at the edges of the track direct passengers to the appropriate train.

A pedestrian footbridge with Customer Information Screens

The footbridge facilitated the access of the inhabitants of Wola and Ochota to the platforms of the Warszawa Główna station, and also improved communication between these districts.

Passenger information screens at the Warszawa Główna station, placed in front of the footbridge – i.e. the entrance to the platforms – should primarily help travelers quickly find the right train and check where, when and how it runs. Therefore, one set of free-standing Departures / Arrivals information displays has been placed at each entrance to the pedestrian footbridge from outside the platform area. These devices show the next 20 connections arriving and departing from the station. They show the current time of departure / arrival, train number, destination station, intermediate stations and platform.

In addition, an Infokiosk has been installed on each side of the footbridge, which allows you to view detailed and relational timetables (both current and future). Using the buttons, you can change the mode of presented information and scroll through the viewed train timetable.

To present content in front of the footbridge, one-sided devices were used – with a single screen, in a free-standing form, installed on the ground, adapted to external weather conditions.

In the roofed part of the footbridge, right next to the platform entrances, entrance platform displays have been installed. They inform passengers about the next train departing (and arriving or ending its run) from a given track.

Kładka dla pieszych nad torami z informacją pasażerską
kładka dla pieszych wyświetalcze odjazdy przyjazdy info kiosk

Dynamic Passenger Information System on platforms

Two partially roofed 350-meter platforms were built at the station, on which Dysten installed a total of 40 Passenger Information Screens. At this point, the passenger first of all receives verification information – he is on the right platform, and track to board the train heading in the right direction. The built-in analog clock in the platform displays allows for constant control of the time remaining until the train arrives. The platform displays are placed at such intervals, and in such places, and at such angles that they are visible to passengers from a distance, without leaving the road and without blocking the passage of other passengers while reading.

The new platforms have also been equipped with Infokiosks and passenger information displays for arrivals/departures – in the form of free-standing totems.

There were also train motion sensors installed at the edge of the platform to detect the presence of vehicles moving along the track. The message about the presence of the train is sent on an ongoing basis via the TCP/IP network to the Central Control Application for Dynamic Passenger Information. The system interprets the transmitted data and, on their basis, manages the content presented on the passenger information displays.

wyświetlacz krawędziowy peronowy
passenger information at the train station

Scope of work for the contractor of the dynamic passenger information system

The Dysten company as a subcontractor under the task entitled “Execution of design documentation and construction works related to the construction of the Warszawa Główna station under the POIiŚ 5.1-13 5.1-13 project entitled: Works on the cross-city line in Warsaw on the section Warszawa Wschodnia – Warszawa Zachodnia” performed, delivered and launched a dynamic passenger information system, including:

Passenger Information Screens:

  • 36 pieces of platform displays
  • 12 large multifunction displays, Infokiosk
  • 16 pieces of information displays departures/arrivals in the form of free-standing totems
  • 8 pieces of entrance platform displays

Other devices:

  • 4 pieces of train entry sensors
  • Station clocks
  • PIDS controller
  • Operator’s station

All Customer Information System (CIS) devices have been integrated with the Central Application of the PKP PLK Dynamic Passenger Information System.

High level of cooperation

TRAKCJA S.A. – the contractor of the investment, one of the leading companies operating in the construction of railway, tram and road infrastructure in Poland – summed up the cooperation with DYSTEN in references regarding the delivery of SDIP to the Warsaw station:

“When implementing the agreement, Dysten Sp. z o.o. has demonstrated reliability and professionalism certified by its vast knowledge and experience. The agreement was performed on time, and the equipment supplied was made with the utmost care and quality. We therefore recommend Dysten Sp. z o.o. as a reliable and trustworthy company which is very well prepared to cooperate in the supply, installation and commissioning of dynamic passenger information displays. Experienced staff and technical and organisational capabilities guarantee a high level of cooperation.”

– reference excerpt, TRAKCJA S.A. Warsaw, 27 February 2023

Warszawa Główna station

The Warszawa Główna station has a rich history:

  • in the years 1945-1965 it served as the main railway station in Warsaw,
  • in 1972, a railway museum was established in the building of the railway station – Station Museum,
  • a night street food market was launched in 2016 on the former postal platforms of the station
  • in 2018, the reconstruction of the station began, which was opened to travelers in 2021

Today, the station serves several regional connections of Polregio and Łódzka Kolej Aglomeracyjna on the route to Łódź Fabryczna and Koleje Mazowieckie to Skierniewice, Grodzisk Mazowiecki, Piaseczno, Dobieszyn, Łowicz and Sochaczew. In addition, the opening of the station increased the possibilities of rail travel in the area of the Warsaw Railway Junction.

Read more about the Passenger Information System devices used in the implementation of  Warszawa Główna station:

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