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platform display tablica peronowa
train platform screen
wyświetlacze peronowe train platform displays IPI6 CSDIP pkp plk
Train movement sensor czujnik ruchu pociągów, czujnik wjazdu na peron
train motion sensor, train detection
peron stacja radom ipi6
train platform display WOP Infokiosk
Dynamic passneger information system IPI6 WOP CSDIP
wyświetlacz peronowy wejściowy

Train platform displays, arrival and departure displays, infokiosks and main station display

80 rail devices for the Radom railway station

For the station in Radom, DYSTEN company has produced passenger information displays in accordance with the regulation “Guidelines on executive elements of the Central System of Dynamic Passenger Information and Accompanying Infrastructure IPI-6” and integrated the devices with the central system. Double-sided displays with clocks were mounted on each edge of the platform. Info Kiosks have been installed on the platforms and in the underpass. Tunnels and underpasses are equipped with displays informing about train arrivals and departures. In addition to visual information, a new PA system has been installed.

DYSTEN adapts rail devices to the standard of each railway

DYSTEN – rail industry displays manufacturer produces custom devices. Which means it adapts to the standard of each railway.

Office of Operation and Passenger Service of PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe S.A. officially announced that railway devices:

  • train platform display type WKR46
  • arrivals and departures info screen type WZS55
  • Timetable display screen of arrivals and departures at station – free-standing type WOP TOTEM46
  • entrance platform screen type WPW32
  • free-standing information kiosk type INF TOTEM46
  • and CZR train motion sensors

produced by DYSTEN SP. z o.o. successfully completed the process of implementation tests for central passenger information system.

A positive result means that the rail devices can be connected to central system and operated on the railway network of PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe S.A. without limits.

National Railways – PKP PLK

PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe S.A. is a company of the PKP Group and is the Polish railway infrastructure manager, responsible for maintenance of rail tracks, conducting the trains across country, scheduling train timetables and management of railway land. The Polish railways network  is a member of the International Union of Railways.

The national railway line network is an important element of the transportation system in Poland and Europe. PKP PLK has 18,679 km of railway lines, 38,825 points of infrastructure, 15,006 structures.

What did the passengers say about the new displays?

“Better boards than at other stations”
“Are awesome”
“It’s really good, we’ve waited a long time, but you have to admit they made an effort”

source of comments: Facebook